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This Is My Headcanon Speaking

...for the Tomalak/Donatra pairing, something I've been working on for three years. It's pretty unlikely and requires a LOT of backstory, which is probably why I like it. There is nothing more exciting to me, as a writer, then reading between the lines and making something WORK, even when it shouldn't.

Sources I've used are:

Star Trek: The Next Generation (The Enemy, The Defector, inspiration from Future Imperfect)
Star Trek: Nemesis (movie only, not the novelization)
Death in Winter
Star Trek: Titan: Taking Wing
Star Trek: Titan: The Red King
Star Trek: A Singular Destiny
Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire

I did NOT use any of the comics that have been published throughout the years, in which Tomalak appears, since those are not considered to be canon. (You can argue that the novels aren't canon either, except I think they are now.) I did NOT use any material from the Star Trek: Online timeline (it's mostly the same for Tomalak, but differs considerably for Donatra)

This is also mostly backstory for my epic fanfic (found here: http://www.adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=1030, so reading this is sort of spoilery for that) and I really needed to write down the backstories and subplots before I got them all confused :P

Constructive criticism welcome!

Rough backstory on Tomalak:

The younger brother of Keras, who died long before his birth. His mother, Daehla, a popular politican, grieved so hard for her lost son that she decided, 40 years after, to have another child. However at this point, she is so old that conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term is considered to be impossible. To get around this, she allows scientists from the Tal Shiar to genetically engineer her fetus. They tell her it's to make it more viable (and it sort of is) but they don't tell her they are also trying an experiment to increase psionic capabilities in Romulans, by genetic engineering.

Tomalak is born 2304, in Dartha (later called Ki Baratan), Romulus, to House Raedan, one of the highest and most noblest of Houses. The birth nearly kills Daehla, and she appoints her husband Taefv her proxy in the Senate. Taefv rapidly gains enemies for being outspoken about his liberal, non-xenophobic crew, but instead of killing him outright (perhaps out of respect and admiration for Daehla), the Praetor sends him and his wife and newborn son to Arrhael, a distant colony world. Tomalak grows up in relative peace and paradise, becoming friends (or "friends") with many of the native peoples, in particular, a female named Jessmyn who is roughly the same age. Daehla, meanwhile, grows ever weaker, and it's clear she will not survive much longer.

After six Arrhaeli years (10 Romulan years), Arrhael is attacked by unknown forces, and the colony destroyed. Tomalak is the only survivor, mainly because Daehla shielded him from falling debris with her own body. However, it begins to rain and his shelter is flooded before the rescue crews arrive, and he contracts pneumonia which nearly kills him on the way back to Romulus. He survives, but with weakened lungs, and ever after is uneasy when planetside during a rainstorm.

He is sent to live with Keras' children, who are grown and have children of their own. They aren't pleased with having to take in a distant relative who they've never even heard of, and who they perceive as being better than they are (Keras' son gave up his right to House Raedan when he married his wife, so he is now of a lower House). Because Tomalak is the last living member of House Raedan, and the title of Head of House cannot be given to a minor, House Raedan is declared dead and Tomalak takes the name of Paya, Keras' son's house. They treat him as an annoyance, and make it clear that they don't expect much from him.

Meanwhile, Tomalak is developing an interesting ability: he can learn almost any language, just by hearing it spoken. It must be spoken live, however (ie, reading it in a book or hearing it spoken on tape won't work.) This is because he is a very minor telepath - thanks to the Tal Shiar's messing around with his genes. Although his psionic powers are not what they hoped they would be, he is notable because he has any - very few Romulans do, and the ones that do are mostly touch-telepaths. (His power is stronger when he is touching someone, but not as strong as, say a Vulcan or a Betazoid).
Despite what his relatives think, he actually becomes quite adept at hand-to-hand combat (very strong, but slow). He enters the War Academy and graduates near the top of his class, specializing in Strategy and Tactics. Sometime during this time, he changes his name back to Raedan, vowing to rebuild the House, one person at a time if he has to.

By 2344 he is a Centurion. It's during this time that he, while serving one of his first ships, encounters a fellow telepath who teaches him how to better control his ability, so as to get more out of it. This will prove to be very, very useful. (He is NOT an empath, however - he cannot sense emotions, when people are lying, etc.)

Sometime after this time, Donatra graduates the Academy, and is assigned to the same ship as Tomalak. She is attracted to him (and him to her) but they never act on it, as fraternization is strictly prohibited (ie, he is senior to her). For the next ten years, they both climb through the ranks, until he is the Commander of the Decius, and she is his first officer. By this time, they are very close friends, and have an undeniable attraction for each other (mirroring the Picard/Crusher dynamic, except without a dead husband/best friend :P). He lets her in on the secret of his origin (not the Tal Shiar part, he doesn't even know about that yet) when she questions his accent; all his life he's retained a very slight Arrhaeli accent.

Somewhere during this time, there's an incident. I'm thinking an invasion by the Borg, since it's really dramatic, but it sort of screws up my timeline. Anyway, the Decius and First Fleet is involved with an altercation with the Borg. Most of First Fleet is lost, and the Decius takes heavy damage, including partial assimilation. Tomalak and several officers go into the assimilated parts of the ship in an attempt to fight the Borg; Tomalak is nearly assimilated but he manages to fight them off through sheer brute strength and fear adrenaline. Seeing that there's no hope left, he does the only thing left: he orders everyone left alive into escape pods and then pilots the ship directly into the Borg cube, fully expecting to die (he's severely injured by this point, he's pretty much dying anyway). Donatra, however, who is somehow now part of Second Fleet (reassigned there? idk) orders the transporters to lock onto Tomalak's biosignature and beam him aboard whatever ship she's on.
Even though he's out of immediate danger, he's still so badly hurt that the doctors think he'll succumb to his injuries anyway. They take him to the Infirmary to basically wait for him to die; but Donatra pesters them to at least try to treat him. It turns out that a blood transfusion might save him, but he has a fairly rare blood type and they don't have enough in the blood banks what with all the other wounded (and they can't replicate it, just like ribosomes *rollseyes*) Fortunately, Donatra also has that blood type, as do Centurions Bochra and Patahk, a Bonded couple. They donate the blood, and Tomalak is saved. As a way of thanking them for saving his life, he invites Bochra and Patahk to join House Raedan. (This later explains why he goes to such lengths to save them from Galorndon Core, and seems so enraged when Patahk dies)
This doesn't exactly fit the timeline, though, so it may have to be reworked.

They finally admit their attraction when Donatra is made commander of the Valdore; shortly after that they Bond (similar to Vulcan Bonding; possibly it's not as strong?). Sometime during the Dominion War they are legally married on Romulus, their reasoning being that if one were to die, then the other would get their assets. However, they can sense there is going to be political upheaval in the Empire soon enough, and in the interests of safety, they keep their marriage on the downlow, and their Bonding a complete secret.

Nemesis and After:

Donatra does her thing, Tomalak is somewhere else, off discovering the truth behind his psionic powers. He doesn't trust Shinzon, and he REALLY doesn't like that Donatra is willing to bed him, but he knows that she has to do what she feels is necessary.

This is where it begins to get complicated. After Shinzon's death, Tal'Aura ascends to the throne. Neither Donatra nor Tomalak trust her, but they realize they need to work together and separately to bring her down. Donatra and Suran form an open opposition force, while Tomalak pretends to be loyal to Tal'Aura, and is appointed Fleet Commander. Together, he and Donatra secretly communicate and choreograph battle plans that will look completely natural once played out. They hope it won't come to that, but it does, because Admiral Braeg decides to make an open announcement in the city square, triggering the battle. (This is seen in Death in Winter)

Sometime after that, Tal'Aura appoints Tomalak Proconsul. He accepts, even though he knows that it will make communicating with Donatra even harder, but he knows that he may be in a better position to protect her from Tal'Aura's wrath. Not that long after, Donatra breaks away to form the Imperial Romulan State. Tomalak is surprised by this turn of events, and not entirely pleased. He decided to stay on Romulus because he feels that the time isn't right to leave just yet.
This leads to more problems: Tal'Aura decides that she wants an heir - a blood heir. She begins pressuring Tomalak to be the father of her child (because he comes from a very good House. He is horrified and disgusted and does everything in his power to NOT father a child with her.

Sometime during this time, he and Donatra have a baby girl, named Kaya, followed after by a son, named Narak. Both kids are sent into hiding.

As Tal'Aura grows more desperate, and the Typhon Pact comes together, Donatra reaches out to her, hoping to unify the Romulan Empire once more. Tal'Aura agrees and has her come to Romulus, only to frame her for an assassination attempt on Spock, and sends her to prison. Tomalak gets wind of this and conspires with Bochra and a few more Romulans to jailbreak her - as well as a secret set of allies - a contingent of native Arrhaeli who survived the destruction of Arrhael and now are living in ships, travelling through space. The leader of these being Tomalak's childhood friend, Jessmyn, and her wife.
By the time Tomalak and his team get to the jail, it is too late. Donatra has committed suicide with the pieces of a broken PADD. They beam her out anyway and up to the Arrhaeli ship, where Venora tries to save her using a makeshift transfusion kit to try to make up for the bloodloss (Tomalak has her rare blood type, remember). When that doesn't seem to be working, Tomalak uses his telepathic powers to enter her mind and revive her. This is the most he has ever stretched his powers, and he is never able to do it again.

After this, they join the Arrhaeli fleet in ships of their own, since the Imperial Romulan State has been dismantled, and neither can they go back to Romulus. Which turns out to be a blessing, since they are far away when Romulus is destroyed in the supernova. (Kaya and Narak are rescued before that, of course!) Kaya is like her parents - smart and efficient, and would have had the makings of a fine officer, if there had still been a fleet. Narak is quite different - he's a peace lover, and supports Unification between Romulans and Vulcans, much to his father's dismay. There are many arguments between Narak and Tomalak.

For many years they travel the stars in a fleet made up of scrounged ships, meeting more and more survivors of the former Empire, and people who wish to join. Donatra is pronounced Empress, ironically gaining more power now than she'd ever had when the two Empires had been intact.

All good things, however, must come to an end. After many many years of travelling, Donatra dies; taking with her Tomalak's will to live. He grows tired of travelling, and begins to make plans to find a permanent home for his people before dying. He's quite old by this point.
As they land on the planet that will be their new home, he turns over control of their people to Kaya, his daughter. She accepts, and leads him down the ramp to Arrhael, which is restored now after the hundreds of years since the bombing. He dies peacefully, in the same place he grew up.